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Aged Care Financial Services International

Aged Care Financial Services International (ACFSI) is recognised as one of the leading specialists in aged care financial planning. ACFSI built their financial advisory services business based on a unique fee-for-service model that has assisted thousands of people expertly settled in to the aged care accommodation of their choice.

ACFSI advisers use their expert knowledge of the aged care system to model personal financial strategies for clients and their families. These strategies optimise a client’s finances for living in retirement and through the various stages of aged care.

ACFSI services include:

  • Express 40 Minute Clarification Appointments

General aged care meeting with a qualified financial adviser to clarify the rules, regulations, fees and charges that may apply when accessing aged care services, or when moving into residential care.

  • Completing Centrelink Income and Asset Assessments

Assist with completion of Income and Asset Assessment forms for submission to Centrelink.  We supply the forms at the meeting; the client provides essential income and asset information. A list of specific requirements will be provided prior to the meeting.

  • Discussion Papers

Focussed discussion paper highlighting common impacts and options under current aged care legislation and funding rules. Discussion papers do not include recommendations or advice.

  • Statement of Advice 

Full written customized Statements of Advice, including analysis of current situation, strategies to achieve aged care objectives, investment and structuring recommendations, and cashflow projections.

ACFSI also provide:

  • Free Monthly public webinars – registration via website
  • Expert support to other professionals  such as accountants, lawyers, financial advisers,  medical and allied health practitioners seeking support for clients entering residential aged care
  • Design and delivery of custom training programs  for aged care providers and staff based on the financial aspects of residential admission
  • Design and delivery of custom training programs for accountants, lawyers and financial advisers seeking to understand the financial aspects of residential admission

ACFSI has offices in Melbourne & Sydney and is the founding member of a national network of accreditated financial advisers in cities and regional centres around Australia.  The only true national network of aged care advisers.

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The prospect of putting plans in place for aged care services can be intimidating, after all, you’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets and you want to know that they’re going to be put to the best use in your later years. Read more…

You also want to know that you’re making fully informed decisions about your aged care planning in order to choose the best option for your future and for your family.

Aged Care Financial Advice & Planning

At Aged Care Financial Services, our professional advisers will give you the benefit of their knowledge and years of experience to help secure the most appropriate services for you based on your budget, your eligibility and the level of care that you’re likely to need at various stages.

Make it a priority to explore your options for aged care NOW

In addition to calculating your entry payments (lump sums), monthly fees and charges involved in financing your care plan, our aged care advisers will help consider the other important issues such as what will happen to your income, pensions, investments, and your estate planning wishes.

They’ll also prepare projections to make sure you’ll have enough money to sustain the level of care you want, and whether there are strategies that could improve your financial position via strategic investments and maximisation of available benefits.

Individual Aged Care Planning

When you’re our client we will establish your financial position, maximise your income and investment position, and ensure you can meet all your financial obligations. We’ll also be able to talk you through the range of aged care accommodation and service options you can access to develop an individualised aged care plan; covering in-home care through to residential aged care accommodation.

In short, our aim is to ensure our clients get the Right care at the Right time, giving you and your family the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your financial affairs are in order and your plans are documented.

To find out more about how Aged Care Financial Services can help you achieve the optimum aged care financial solution call us now on our National Toll FREE number 1800 243 322.

Aged Care Financial Services is the best provider of financial services for aged care in Australia. They provide financial advice, financial planning and plans for aged care. Browse our website or call us to learn more about our services.

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