Aged Care Strategies

Welcome to Aged Care Financial Services. We’re widely recognised as being the leading institution in aged care strategies for financial planning in Australia.

Our team of experts is here to ensure that your time is spent looking after the more important details of the move and not spent worrying about the financial aspects of going into an aged care facility.

Age Care Financial

Age Care Financial

There are countless reasons why making this transition in life can cause a person to feel overwhelmed.

  • Is it the sheer amount of paperwork that needs to be filled in that’s getting you down?
  • Perhaps it’s the financial planning that’s required to ensure that your chosen aged care facility is affordable now and in the future that’s causing you stress?
  • Are you worried of the financial consequences of selling the family home?
  • Maybe you’re unsure of the financial impact of you moving to an aged care facility will have on your family?

Regardless of what’s causing you to feel overwhelmed, our team is here to take care of worries just like these so that you can invest your time in preparing yourself for the move.

Aged Care Strategies From Experts

We’ll sit down and create a customised financial plan to meet your specific financial requirements. Depending on your particular circumstances, this aged care strategy will involve some or all of the following aspects:

Our team of expert advisors will work to ensure that your best interests are kept at the core of this strategy and that it’s you that comes out on top at the end.

This strategy will include a full evaluation of your situation, comprehensive recommendations, and cash-flow projections, all of which will be given to you in a compliant document.

We can also take care of your Centrelink Forms to ensure they’re filled out correctly and we can highlight the options that are available under the current aged care legislation and funding structures.

These are details that not all financial advisors are knowledgeable enough of to create such a strategy so it’s important to choose a specialised professional in aged care finances.

Aged Care Financial Experts

We offer our financial advisory services on a fee-for-service model. We’re proud to say that we’ve help countless people settle into the aged care facility of their choice with ease.

So whether it’s you or a loved one that’s making the move from residential living to an aged care facility, contact us today for more info on how we can help to make the process as seamless as possible.